6 Economical Tips Before You List Your Home For Sale

Dated: 06/29/2020

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Getting your house ready to sell?  I look at a lot of homes working with buyers and sellers, and there are some constants.  Buyers want the house to look new and get it for a steal and sellers want to sell for the most possible cash with the least amount of money out of their pocket.  Most sellers are on a budget, and not looking to sink a bunch of money into a home they’re leaving.   But there are some simple things they can do to really maximize their profits and give buyers that house that at least looks a little newer. 

What’s the first thing buyers see when they drive up to your house?  Simple huh….The landscaping!  This is so easy and economical, but so many homeowners miss it, probably not even thinking about its importance.  So, keep the grass cut, edged and sidewalks cleaned.  Weed the flower beds, trim those over-grown shrubs and if they’re too over-grown, replace them. Then throw some fresh pine straw or mulch down.  And maybe, just maybe, if you’re feeling crazy, plant a few colorful flowers, for a pop of color.

Number 2 is pressure wash the outside of your house, including the sidewalks.  Pay particular attention to the front door area, where buyers are standing and looking around, while their agent is fiddling with the lockbox.  You want them to see that the current owners care about the look of the house and take pride in it.  It sets the stage for what they see when they walk in the door.

Number 3 is DE-CLUTTER!  If I was giving this point its due, I would make it number 3, 4 and 5.  Everyone has walked into a new home subdivisions model home.  Why is it so appealing?  Sure it’s the new paint, new carpet and staged furnishings.  But if you can’t do those, the one other piece you can duplicate, is de-cluttering.  You want to come as close as you can to mimicking what the new model homes look like.  Remember….the buyers touring your home have most likely been in model homes and/or been in vacant homes that look super roomy.  If they come to your home, and there are boxes, nic-naks and toys everywhere and the kitchen counters are jam packed, you’re hurting your homes potential.  You might say…”but we live here, and we have to live here while we show”.  And you’re right, but that’s not what the buyer is thinking about when they’re touring your home, and most likely it won’t be what you’re thinking about when we’re touring houses looking for your next home.  Remember, you’re looking with a critical eye.  You’re moving, so it’s ok to box all those things up and store them.  A storage unit is preferable, but if that’s not in the budget, use the garage and neatly stack the boxes on the far side.  Buyer’s understand your moving 😊

Number 4 are floors.  Hardwoods need to be cleaned and looking good, and if you have carpet that’s is not new, and you can’t afford to replace it, at minimum, have it cleaned.  Remember, critical eye, because buyer’s are looking at it as they’re walking through. 

Number 5 are the walls.  A fresh coat of paint with the latest color trend is always preferable, and will return the investment, if not make money.  But if your budget is tight, do the best you can by cleaning the marks and dirt off the walls and base-boards. 

Number 5 is clean.  Not everyone is a clean freak, and that’s ok.  But for the sale of your home, spend the time, or maybe the money to have your home deep cleaned.  This along with the other items is about presentation.  A clean house gives the appearance at least that the home is taken care of.

All of these items are about appearance.  Buyers are all looking for different things, that’s why we don’t all live in the exact same shape and color homes.  But we’re trying to appeal to the most number of people, in the hopes of receiving multiple offers for your home.  So if the budget doesn’t allow new carpet, new paint, refinished hardwoods, etc., get those easy economical things done.    

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