New Construction Homes, What’s the Advantage?

Dated: 03/24/2020

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In the real estate world, there are a lot of different options for buyers to choose from. Resales, new construction builds, custom builds, flips, foreclosures and the list goes on. New construction homes are probably the least worrisome, and offer a lot of advantages to the buyer, but they are not without challenges altogether. 

Some of the top benefits of new construction include:

  • Move in ready convenience

  • Modern floor plans and design

  • Better energy efficiency

  • Updated fixtures and equipment

  • New community with amenities

  • Ability to customize (depending on builder)

  • Lowered maintenance costs in the first 5-10 years

Some concerns or challenges of new construction include:

  • Not all builders are created equal

  • Sometimes, upgrades/options are limited

  • Upgrades/options might cost more

  • Less room for negotiations

  • Often new homes are built on smaller lots

  • You may live in a construction zone for a while

Hiring an agent familiar with new construction can be a great advantage to a buyer, for many reasons like the following:

  • Agents can make recommendations on upgrades and their return

  • They are skilled negotiators

  • They understand contingencies and inspections

  • The builder is usually represented by an agent, you should be too

  • The seller (builder) usually pays for your agent

  • They can recommend financing and lending options

Don’t go at it alone. You deserve representation to make sure that your best interests are satisfied and a skilled new construction agent can make a world of difference in your experience.

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