Our Preferred Partners

Campbell and Brannon

REAL ESTATE CLOSINGS  |  404.939.9250

The Campbell & Brannon philosophy is simple: provide an extraordinary closing experience from start to finish for everyone involved. Our attorneys understand the many nuances and complexities of real estate, enabling us to anticipate each individual’s needs and provide thoughtful, personalized guidance.

Cook & James

ATTORNEYS AT LAW  |  404.704.0440

When it comes to client interactions, we say what we mean. We mean what we say. And perhaps most importantly, we do what we say we’re going to do. We want to work with you! And deep down inside, we get the feeling you want to work with us too.

Davis & Associates

ATTORNEYS AT LAW  |   770.426.5440

Davis & Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC is known for providing exceptional skill, knowledge and expertise in real estate law.  While our core practice is residential and commercial closing transactions, we have been encouraged by our clients to provide a full array of services for their needs.  We strive to provide highly personalized service in all areas of our law practice.

Hartman Law

CLOSING - TITLE - ESTATE   |   770.284.1111

For over two decades, Hartmanlaw, LLC has been a trusted partner to real estate agents, mortgage bankers, investors, first time home buyers and experienced homeowners. This law firm was founded on the principal that exceptional client service and a positive attitude will make each closing a unique and rewarding experience.

Pacific Law Group

ATTORNEYS AT LAW   |   678.247.8274

Concierge Service from Contract to Closing, Fun and Efficient Closing Day. Come enjoy the guidance that comes with over 100,000 closings worth of experience, without ever feeling like a number.

Real Title Solutions

CLOSING ATTORNEYS   |   770.655.3737

Real Title Solutions is a professional full service title company dedicated to providing exceptional title service and real estate closing needs to brokers, lenders, purchasers, agents and customers across the United States. Every transaction can be a life changing event for your customers. Real Title Solutions is there, proactively, to make the process as easy as possible by providing services when and where it’s most convenient for your customers. 

Silverton Mortgage

MORTGAGE LENDER   |   www.SilvertonMortgage.com

Founded in 1998, Silverton Mortgage has grown from a one-person shop to a top residential mortgage lender and one of the nation’s fastest growing financial companies. We've always believed that maintaining the entire loan process in-house keeps everyone involved: borrower, realtor and Silverton Mortgage. One team, one goal.

Southeast Mortgage

MORTGAGE LENDER   |   404.213.1499

At Southeast Mortgage, we want to do what is right for you.

Taking out a mortgage is a huge decision and we understand that. Finding the right loan for your needs is our passion. Our goal is to get to know you, hear your story, and make sure we deliver expert service based on homeownership goals. We communicate with you based on your preference to ensure that you are well informed along the way. Our mission is for you to not just be a client today…but for life (we mean that).

Thomas and Brown

ATTORNEYS AT LAW   |   770.591.5200

During the closing process, our attorneys and staff are here for you every step of the way. We want YOU to shine at your closing. Our goal is to make sure you have the best closing experience possible.

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